Our Drivers

More than just a license

Hull Bus Lines has developed a Driver Training Program that has been certified by the Ministry of Transportation. In class training is conducted in our state-of-the-art training facility in Sarnia which can accommodate up to 20 drivers at one time and is set up for video, projector, and computer presentations. On road training is provided in various models/ years of buses and in a variety of locations to simulate exposure to many different traffic situations. Our program produces some of the safest and well trained Professionals in the industry.

Once selected as a Trainee each prospect must undertake over 60 Hrs of intensive training including over 40 hrs of on road driving and 20 plus hrs of in class training conducted exclusively by one of our Certified Driver Trainers.

In class topics and ongoing training includes: Student Discipline, Customer Service, Anaphylaxis awareness and Emergency Preparedness.

Hull Bus Lines believes in continuous improvement using random personal observations as well as reports from the public as opportunities to update and refresh skills.

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